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Jun 29, 2020

In this episode, I give a general update on end of term, accreditation progress, life events etc.

Recently at school we have been helping Year 10 students with their subject selections for senior studies. In science, this involves the decision to study science or not, and if it's a 'yes' to science, we help students decide which scientific discipline(s) are the best fit for their future plans.

Asking fifteen-year-old kids what they wanted to do when they leave school feels a bit odd to me. Most of them don't have a clear plan, and that's totally understandable. At fifteen, I was so very green, and I had no life experience. My plans for the future were not well informed, and they changed dramatically at age 23 anyway. Should we be asking students what they want to do when they leave school? Is asking this question problematic in itself? Because if every adult in a student's life is asking them the same thing, we're collectively saying "this really matters, and you MUST have a clear plan."

What do you think? Is this conversation necessary at age fifteen? Should it be prefaced with "it's ok if you don't know..."? I don't know! Write to me:

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